Fishing Reel Spinning Reel Aluminum Alloy Spool 13 Bearings (Black/Gold Body)

$47.00 FJD $54.00 FJD

Product description:

1. Thickened design extends the service life and is more convenient for throwing

2. Convenient folding rocker arm, ergonomic design, more comfortable feel

3. Wool felt gasket, more stable brake system

4. Gear disc transmission gear is made of aluminum alloy, which has high wear resistance and rigidity and is not easy to damage

5. All-copper spindle tooth bar, strong wear resistance, anti-corrosion, more smooth

6. The main appearance is metallic gray paint, beautiful and generous, not easy to drop

7. The bottom of aluminum alloy wire cup is made of metal spring ticker, which makes the sound clearer and has a longer service life Ultra- thin body design, Beautiful, Light weight and convenient High strength engineering materials, strong and durable rocker arm are interchangeable Precision wire shell balance design.

Product parameter information

                          Model Ratio                                        Line capacity

                            6000 5.2:1                         Mm/M 0.35/310 0.40/240 0.45/190