Diving Dive Fins Open Heel Blue/Black Adult Large/X Large

$132.00 FJD $152.00 FJD

Whether exploring the reef, admiring the marvels of the underwater world, or searching for a feed of kaimoana, quality dive gear will prove a reliable partner.
These Open Heel Fins will propel you powerfully through the water with little effort, transforming you into not fish, not human, but some fusion of the two.
Sporting a comfortable design, their balanced flexibility delivers powerful propulsion with less power and features an easy adjustable, quick-release buckle.
20,000 leagues under the sea will be a breeze when you pick up this epic 1-day deal.
  • Comfortable design
  • Worn with dive boots for best results
  • Balanced flexibility delivers powerful propulsion with less power
  • Adjustable / Open heel
  • Easy adjust with quick-release buckle
  • Versatile sizing
  • Dive Fins Open Heel
  • Colour: Blue/Black
  • Material: Rubber
  • Quick Release heel clip