Door Hardware Digital Door Lock

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Password Door Lock, Coded Door Lock, Easy to Install Door Hardware Home Improvement for Office Door for Home Door
Do you ever go mad about miss key and can't open a lock. With our coded lock, you will get rid of the problem. Our coded lock is suitable for various cabinet. No more keys needed, cool and convenient. Don't hesitate to buy the practical coded lock!


* Made of High‑quality zinc alloy shell, effectively resist severe damage, strong, safe and durable.

* 4-7 Combination Cabinet Digital Lock, with the 13 buttons a total of 8,191 different codes are available.

* The code is non sequential,that is the code can be entered in any order e.g. 1234 can be 4321 or 1342 or whatever is the most convenient sequence.

* Permanent open mode, The door lock can be set to permanent opening, It is convenient for friends to come in and out when in party.

* Reset function, when the password is entered incorrectly, please press the C key first, and then enter the correct password to unlock.

* Suitable for Wooden doors, aluminum doors, steel doors, iron doors etc.


* Condition: Brand New

* Material: Zinc Alloy

* Colour: As photo shows

* Specification of locking tongue: 60mm/2.36"

* Applicable door thickness: 30-60mm/1.18-2.36"

* Password Length: 4-7 digits

* Open the lock way: pure password open the lock

* Product Size : Approx.14.2x4.2x2.5cm

* Package Size: Approx. 21.5x12.4x7.3cm

* Gross Weight: Approx. 1.18kg


1 X Front Host
1 X Back Host
1 X Mounting Screw Bag
1 X User manual for Door Lock

After entering the password, the rotating handle can open the door. The process of rotating the handle is also the process of resetting the internal password piece of the door lock. Therefore, the door is locked and the C button (reset button) is pressed before the door is opened to prevent the button from being pressed.