Tech DAC 192KHz Digital to Analog Audio Converter For PS3 PS4 DVD

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192KHz Digital to Analog Audio Converter For PS3 PS4 DVD


* Support 192Khz 24Bit sampling rate on the optical and SPDIF signal, built-in interference immunity and no signal input squelch circuit(Audio Format: PCM/LPCM)

* Compatible with PS3, HD DVD, PS4, Sky HD, plasma Blu-ray home theater, AV amplifiers, etc. (Note: 5.1 channel signal is not compatible (such as Dolby AC3)) Set the format steps: Setting--Sound--Audio Format-PCM/LPCM

* Designed for game player and music fancier, support all headphones within 32~600Ω

* Built-in volume adjustment circuit and control knob ,completely solve the problem of low volume when using high-impedance headphones used in DAC products , with surging power and full thrust

* Bass adjustment knob: The 192KHz DAC innovatively designed bass adjustment function, can provide stunning stereo sound, heavy bass effect, create the perfect environment different from the sound field, gain the effect was very obvious, which makes you reveled in a world by bass


* Condition: Brand New

* Material: Metal

* Color: As shown in the picture

* Support audio format: PCM

* Resolution (1KHZ): 94DB

* Response frequency: 20Hz-20KHz-0.2db

* Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR): -100DB

* Total harmonic distortion (THD + N): 10Hz-20KHz 0.25 -0.065%

* Blocking time: 0.57Fs

* Sampling rate: 32-192KHz

* Bit rate: 16-24 bits

* Output electrical level: 7V

* Headphone output power: (RL-322) 30mW

* Output impedance: 47ohm

* Working voltage: +5V

* Maximum voltage: 6V

* Maximum power consumption: 100mA

* Operating temperature range: 10-70°C

* Storage temperature range: -60-150°C

* Working humidity range: 10%-80%RH (non-condensing)

* Storage humidity range: 5-90%RH (non-condensing)

* Package Size: Approx. 19 x 15 x 2cm(L x W x H)

* Gross Weight: Approx. 0.1085kg


1 x 192kHz DAC Converter
1 x USB Power Cable
1 x Optical Cable
1 x User Manual