Hand Tools BOSCH Laser Measurer GLM400

$395.00 FJD $439.00 FJD

Hand Tools BOSCH Laser Measurer GLM400 is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

The Laser Measurer features a user-friendly human machine interface (HMI) for quick selection of measuring functions. The dedictaed conversion button allows an immediate unit change at just one press.

  • Measuring distance up to 40m with ±1.5mm accuracy
  • Easy to use colour display
  • Quickly change between measurement units with dedicated conversion button (cm, m, ft, in)
  • Store up to 15 measurements: 1/4 inch Tripod Mounts
  • Specifications
    Width 10.5  CMT
    Height 16.7  CMT
    Depth 3.8  CMT
    Volume 0.0007  MTQ