Ladies Black Lace Umbrella

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Black Lace Umbrella

An umbrella to shade both the bride and her guests from the harsh sun! 

Our Lace Umbrellas are so pretty and absolutely feminine. They are perfect Umbrellas for the romantic at heart! 

Imagine you are attending a garden party, croquet match or wandering through the vineyards under one of these lovely parasols, it must be a beautiful landscape.


* Lightweight and portable

* Great for wedding bridal party decoration, photo props etc


* Condition: Brand new

* Material: Cotton and crochet lace with floral embroidery and a wooden handle
* Color: Black

* Diameter: 85cm (flat), 96cm (curved) 

* Length of the wooden handle: 67cm

* Diameter of the hand shank: 2cm

* Diameter of middle stick: 1.2cm

* Number of the umbrella ribs: 10


1 x Lace Wedding Umbrella