Bike Accessories - Bicycle Security Alarm with Keypad

$21.00 FJD $24.00 FJD

Are you annoying anybody might still steal your bike when you' ve got it locked up, left outside the shop, stored in the shed? The bicycle security alarm with Keypad will activate a piercing alarm to you and it can protect well your bicycle. Not only it protects your bike,motorbike,lawnmower,but also can fit you in daily time .

It' s easy to fit, and easy to operate.


* Alarm protection or remove alarm need to use a password

* 3 sensitivity levels allow you to determine how much movement is needed to trigger the alarm 

* When triggered alarm sounds 5 times. If triggered again within 5 seconds it will sound
continuously for 15 seconds 

* Sturdy black plastic which never get rust

* When the voltage of the battery is low,it will remind you with the sound


* Condition: Brand new

* Color : Black

* Material : ABS

* Power type: 9v Battery (NOT included)

* Diameter of suitable round pipe: 3cm