Camping 40L Portable Outdoor Camping Shower Bag

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Camping 40L Portable Outdoor Camping Shower Bag is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Foldable 40L solar outdoor hiking Camping bathing Washing Shower Bag, which is made of PVC material, includes flexible delivery hose, nozzle with tap and hooked rope to attach to a tree branch.

This camping shower bag can keep you cleaning while camping or hiking and it was made of non-toxic PVC materials. It doesn't leak anytime. The waterflow is controlled by a pull on/off shower spout with large capacity of 40L and well performance on heating absorbility. Natural hot water can be obtained by keeping either front or back surface exposed to the direct sunlight. It makes you more enjoyable to take a warm shower after a long expedition. This shower bag can fold away for easy storage.


* 40 litre capacity for 8 minutes shower
* Includes cord for hanging
* Reinforced Handle with PVC
* On/Off Nozzle Slider
* Heat Absorbing Front
* Great for: Camping Backpacking,Traveling,Other Outdoor Activities


* Condition: Brand new
* Material: PVC
* Colour: Black
* Capacity: 10 gallon / 40L
* Dimensions: about 40x38x25cm
* Length of Hose: about 65cm
* Length of Rope: about 150cm

Instructions for use:
1. Rinse the shower bag with warm water before initial use.
2. Fill the bag with water, then place it on a flat surface with black side up and directly expose to the sunlight.
3. Maximum temperature should be attained in approximately 3 hours; it can make the 15 degrees water reach about 45 degrees.
4. Please test the water temperature before use since it maybe reach 50 Celsius degree in the strong sunshine.


1 x Shower bag
4 x Hanging cord with a hook
1 x Flexible tube, tap, shower head

1. Camp shower bag can heat water reach over 50 degrees. You must test water temperature before taking a shower and add some cold water if necessary
2. Please don't heat the water over 48 degrees, or it will shorten the service life of bag.
3. The water in the bag is undrinkable.
4. If you don't need to use it,please dry it.