Gaming 128MB 256MB High Speed Game Memory Card For Playstation 2

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128MB 256MB High Speed Game Memory Card For Playstation 2

This is the 128MB & 256MB memory card for PlayStation 2. Building a better system from scratch can sometimes even dig into the most common components. Take a memory card as an example. In order to provide greater storage capacity and faster access speed: - For PlayStation 2 cards, transfer data 200 times faster than PlayStation cards - The game developer has upgraded the technology of the new memory card.
1. How to use: Just insert the memory card into the memory card on the machine, usually when the game passes or GAME OVER, the game will prompt you whether to record, the way to open the memory card is not to play the game disc.
Open the game console, and then wait for a while to have 2 English, then select the first English to go in, you will see the game record icon after entering, if you want to delete, press the X button at the icon, press X There will be two English choices, COPY and DELETE. If you choose COPY, you will copy the game record to another memory card. Select DELETE to delete the game record.
2. About the washing of the memory card: According to our experience, there are three conditions that will wash the card. (1). Plugin the power supply with low voltage or low voltage after voltage change Solution: buy a transformer that guarantees a stable voltage of 100v and the power is preferably 100w (the 50w of the game machine is the average power should be more than 50w). The most convenient way is to insert 110v directly... Don't worry about it.
(2). The memory card is not plugged in before booting (maybe hit before booting) or hit the memory card during the boot process. Solution: Check the memory card before plugging in and check whether the memory card is stable and do not move the memory card. (3). The memory card is rusty or dirty Solution: wipe it off with oil stains.
2. Note: Do not turn off the memory card while it is being remembered ,otherwise, it may destroy the existing archive.