Automotive 100pcs Magical Reusable Cable Ties

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100pcs Magical Reusable Cable Ties

Are you frustrated with messy cables under and around your desk?

Do you feel difficult to find the missing cable that you know you have?

Are you worried about your pets getting into or chewing your wires?

Do you suffer from a jungle of cables growing in your drawers?

These magical reusable cable ties could solve all these problems.


* Attached to a cable for easier wrapping operation

* Great for computer, appliance, USB and electronics wire management, even paper rolls

* Can be used with USB cables, power cords, cell phone chargers, audio cables,
headphones, shoes and etc.


* Condition: Brand new

* Material: Dacron + The plastic hook

* Color: Black

* Length: 20cm

* Width: 1.2cm

* Weight: 166g

* Package size: 28 x 26 x 2cm(Approx.)

100 x Magical Reusable Cable Ties