Cleaning Karcher WV 2 Premium Black Window Vac

$116.00 FJD $133.00 FJD

  • The dirty water tank can always be emptied quickly and easily when required
  • Choose between a large or small suction nozzle, based on the size of the cleaning surface
  • Energy management made easy: the LED display integrated in the on/off switch indicates in good time when the battery needs to be recharged
  • Its low weight and pleasantly low noise level make window cleaning with the WV 2 even more convenient
  • Special edition with a 40 per cent longer battery running time

The Kärcher WV 2 Premium Black Edition: not only leaves windows gleaming and streak-free, but also has a 40% longer battery running time (35 minutes) than the WV 2 in the normal Kärcher colours.

Visually, the limited edition Window Vac stands out thanks to its striking yellow/black design, the new metallic logo on the suction nozzle and the additional special edition logo on the device side of the standard version of the WV 2. The Black Edition also includes a narrow suction nozzle in addition to a spray bottle, a microfibre wiping cloth and detergent. This allows it to combat dirt even on lattice windows and display cabinets.


Colour: Black/Yellow
Model Name: Karcher WV2 Premium Black Window Vac
Model Number: 1.633-477.0
Material: Plastic