Beekeeping Bristle Beekeeping Tool Brush

$15.00 FJD $24.00 FJD

This is a functional beekeeping tool for you to clear your bees while protecting them well. Made of wooden handle and soft bristles, it is durable and gentle, and it can be used on bees in any type of beehives.

NOTE: Please keep it clean and use it only for brushing the bees off of the honeycombs in case the honey is contaminated. 


* High quality for long lasting use 
* Solid craft makes the bristles not easy to shed
* Soft double-row bristles won’t do harm to your bees
* Use fresh water to wash the brush if it becomes sticky with honey


* Condition: New
* Material: Wood & Bristle
* Overall Length: Approx. 40cm
* Bristle Length: Approx. 6cm


1 x Beekeeping Tool Brush