Automotive Brake Piston Wind Back Caliper Tool Kit Set 21PCS

$76.00 FJD $83.50 FJD

Designed to wind back the brake caliper pistons without damaging the gaskets in the pistons, this brake caliper tool set comes with a complete set of adaptors for a wide range of vehicle applications.

This kit makes replacing front or rear brake pads a simple task by allowing the rotation of the piston at the same time as pushing the piston back into the caliper.

* Universal brake caliper tool set
* Suitable for most cars
* Come with a case for easy storage and carry
* Suitable for rewind brake pistons

* Condition: Brand new
* Package dimension: 32.5 x 26.5 x 5cm
* Weight: 2.5kg

21 x Brake Piston Wind Back Caliper Tool Kit Set