Kitchen Blue Adjustable Storage Hanger Basket for Kitchen Bathroom

$7.00 FJD $8.10 FJD

Keeping your home organized doesn't have to be complicated.

Thanks to its size, our Small Hanger Basket is the ideal way to embody versatility with storing a range of items such as sponges, knives&forks, brushes, soaps and other small accessories.

Made of PVC material, it's soft and easy to clean. Several adjustable snap fasteners on top make it convenient to transport from kitchen to bathroom as a storage solution when in needs. Just buckle up on a wall hook or on tap, ready to use now!

* Condition: Brand New
* Material: PVC
* Color: Blue (Please check our other listings for brown)
* Overall Dimension (WxH): Approx. 12 x 22.5cm
* Height of the Basket: Approx. 8.5cm

1 x Blue Storage Hanger Basket