Beekeeping Veil Jacket Smock Protective Tops

$36.00 FJD $48.00 FJD

The Observer smock is very useful for showing your bees to visitors or when asking for help to move a hive.

The jacket is also ideal for open days run by beekeeping associations when members of the public are given a taste of what beekeeping involves.


* Popular round hat design
* White jacket and black veil
* Veil attached by a zipper
* One section pocket at the front
* Strong, tough polyester cotton with elasticated cuffs and waist band, keep the bees out.
* One size fits all.


* Condition: Brand new
* Jacket colour: White
* Veil colour: Black
* Gross weight: Approx. 275g
* Shoulder Width: approx. 72cm
* Sleeve Length: approx. 53cm
* Hat Diameter: approx.38cm


1x Beekeeping Jacket Veil