Beekeeping Bee Keepers Full Body Suit Protection XL

$80.00 FJD $200.00 FJD


* One size fits most
* Full body beekeeping suit
* Provides protection against stings
* Two chest pockets with Velcro closures
* Zippers at the neck, chest, ankles, and a self supporting collapsible veil


* Condition: Brand new
* Material: Cotton
* Size: XL
* Colour: Beige (As show in picture)
* Total Length: approx.185cm (From Cup to bottom)
* Cap Length: approx.40cm
* Cup Width: approx.38cm
* Shoulder: approx.58
* Chest: approx.140cm
* Waist: approx.120cm
* Sleeve Length: approx.66cm
* Thigh Length: approx.75 cm


1 x Bee Keepers Full Body Suit