BBQ Charcoal Smoker/Grill

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Add some variety and flavour to your cooking, and leave guests gasping with glee with one of these sensational charcoal smokers from 1-day.
An unforgettable BBQ is all about the food, the drink and the company. 1-day doesn’t sell booze or friends, but we can help you out with supplying you with the tools for an awesome culinary experience.
Charcoal smokers are a great way of introducing different and unique flavours to your diet, whilst ensuring they’re healthy and naturally cooked. The method is an innovative update on one of the traditional ways of cooking and preserving food. Cook lamb, fish, ribs, venison with ease, tasty, tasty ease.
These fume-mongous furnaces boast enough space for multiple roasts and have an extraordinary ability to retain lower temperatures for longer times  (that being the most effective condition where you are able to slow cook the meat until eventually it becomes properly tender and juicy). They’re cracking for the caravan, brilliant at the bach and a carnivore carnival whilst camping. Once you taste what masterpieces can be created in one of these smokin’ hot gourmet grillers you’ll never go back to gas/electric again.
Become the best backyard chef you can be, and make your family and guests do the tickled tastebud tango.
Great for awesome outdoor feasts and gourmet BBQs
It slow cooks all meat dishes to match the perfection of a smokehouse – ribs, pork, fish, you name it!
The voluminous design of charcoal smokers enables anyone to cook a hefty roast or even two.
Ventilation and thermometer allow you to control the temperature like a smoky pro.
The ability to sustain lower temperatures for a longer time means you’ll achieve tender greatness time and time again
Easy to assemble, easy on the eye. A great addition to your outdoor arsenal
Sports a couple of side handles for easy portability
Enough room to cook a meal for family and guests with ease
  • Total: 80 (H) x 40 (dia) cm
  • Material: 0.5mm thickness steel sheet;                                 
  • Grill body surface treatment: High tempered painted in black                                    
  • 1pc water pan, porcelain enamelled                                       
  • 1pc charcoal pan, porcelain enamelled                                  
  • Cooking grid: 3.5X2.5mm Steel wire, chrome plated                                        
  • Charcoal grid: 2.8X2.4mm Steel wire, zinc plated                                                               
  • A thermometer on the cover                                                    
  • 6pcs stainless steel fish hook                                     
  • Adjustable air vent