Arts & Crafts Digital T Shirt Heat Press Transfer Machine

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Digital T Shirt Heat Press Transfer Machine

Swivel Sublimation Printer Printing with LCD Screen 1000W

Create colourful images and letters onto flat surfaced items with Digital T-Shirt Heat Press Transfer Machine Swivel Sublimation Printer Printing.

This professional sublimation machine features a large 29x38cm working area to bring designs to life on T-Shirts. Its wonderful 360-degree rotation feature makes the plate be removed aside smoothly and safely without burning your hands, and a large LCD screen display with silicone buttons allows you to preset timer countdown conveniently.

This T-Shirt heat press machine is engineered with double heating tubes for more heat and a better printing effect. Besides, the best sublimation printer with 2 layers of thermal insulation cotton ensures you easily and securely transfer the letters, numbers and pictures onto your T-Shirts.


  • 360 DEGREE ROTATION: With a swing-away and guide rail design, this heat press machine provides a full range of press directly and evenly, which guarantees the quality of finished transfers.
  • LCD SCREEN DISPLAY: Large screen display, silicone button, easy to operate with counting function
  • DOUBLE HEATING TUBE: It provides more heat and can make the printing effect better through the double heating tube design, as the temperature difference is only about 5 degrees between the central and the edge, while other heat press machines' temperature difference can be more than 10 degrees.
  • SAFER TO USE: When the temperature reaches 200 degrees, the surface temperature of the machine is only about 50-70 degrees, which is safe to use. Unlike other machines whose surface temperature is 70-100 degrees, it may burn your hands.
  • 2 LAYERS OF THERMAL INSULATION COTTON: The new machine uses high-temperature resistant nylon plastic as the upper insulation board, and has a layer of 4mm aluminium silicate paper insulation material and a layer of 10mm thick high-temperature sponge.
  • The complete kit helps you easily apply transfers, letters, numbers and images onto T-shirts.






Timer Control


Suggested Temperature Range

0-210°C/32 - 410 Fahrenheit degree

Dimension Platen Press


Package Included

1 x heat press machine

1 x power supply wire

1 x user manual