Air Tool - Air Body Saw

$107.00 FJD $114.00 FJD

Product Summary:

This Wufu Body Saw is an air-powered reciprocating saw, which easily cuts intricate shapes and curves in a variety of wood, aluminium, and sheet metal.

Product Features:

Front exhaust. Trigger with safety lever designed to avoid injury against accidental start.
Dia cast aluminium body.
Applied to wood and metal material sawing.
Working with 24T, 32T saw blade, sawing wood and metal as thick up to 6mm.
Free speed: 9,000 rpm.
Average air consumption: 6cfm, 169L/min.
Air inlet: 1/4in.
Angle: 90deg.
Length: 235mm.
Air pressure: 90psi or 6.3kg/m3.