Air Tool - Air Body Saw

$127.00 FJD $146.00 FJD

Product Summary:

This Wufu Body Saw is an air-powered reciprocating saw, which easily cuts intricate shapes and curves in a variety of wood, aluminium, and sheet metal.

Product Features:

  • Front exhaust.
  • Trigger with safety lever designed to avoid injury against accidental start.
  • Dia cast aluminium body.
  • Applied to wood and metal material sawing.
  • Working with 24T, 32T saw blade, sawing wood and metal as thick up to 6mm.
  • Free speed: 9,000 rpm.
  • Average air consumption: 6cfm, 169L/min.
  • Air inlet: 1/4in.
  • Angle: 90deg.
  • Length: 235mm.
  • Air pressure: 90psi or 6.3kg/m3.