Tools 9pc Hose Clamp Plier Kit

$175.00 FJD $242.00 FJD

Product Summary:

Designed to help you avoid the scrapes, cuts and frustrations that come with using hose clamps, these pliers are specifically designed to give you easy access to hose clamps in tricky to reach parts of your vehicle.

This Heshi Tools kit not only contains a traditional hose clamp plier, but also; two swivel jaw hose clamp pliers; an angled flat bank hose clamp plier; a flat bank hose clamp plier; clic-r collar pliers; hose remover pliers; a screwdriver; and a hose remover.

This makes for a versatile toolkit, neatly packaged in a plastic carry case, that serves to save you a lot of time and effort, and has a place in any mechanical or home workshop

Set contains:
- Hose Clamp plier (A2112)
- Swivel jaw hose clamp plier (slot A2111)
- Swivel jaw hose clamp plier (A2114)
- Angled flat bank hose clamp plier (A2115)
- Flat bank hose clamp plier (A2113)
- Clic-r collar pliers (A2116)
- Hose remover pliers (A2511)
- Screwdriver
- Hose remover

(Colour of case may vary)

Weight 1Kg
Pieces 9