Pumps 750W Deep Well Water Pump

$622.00 FJD $715.00 FJD

Pumps 750W Deep Well Water Pump is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Product Summary:

Designed to pull water from deep underground, the Taifu Deep Well Water Pump is a powerful machine that will easily deliver water from your underground water source to your home in a time-effective manner.

Product Features:

  • Ingress protection IP54.
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 80L/min.
  • Maximum Head: 25M.
  • Maximum Suction: 25M.
  • Inlet x outlet dia. 1.25" x 1" x 1".
  • Pump body in cast iron.
  • Impellor in brass.
  • Incl. pressure tank w/bladder, pressure gauge & switch, ejector and foot valve.
  • Max. fluid temp.35 deg.