Kitchen 68pcs Cake Decoration Mold Tools Set

$97.00 FJD

Test your skills and bring your amateur confectioner talent to a whole new level and become a professional cake-decorating artist with this amazing set of 68 cake decorating and modeling tolls, which includes stamps of various designs, ribbon cutters, rolling pins and cake smoother. Ideal for use with a range of Edible and Non-Edible materials like sugar paste (rolled fondant), petal paste (gum paste), marzipan DIY cooking or clays crafts etc.

Grab this set today and turn your cakes, cupcakes, biscuits and sweet treats into visual delights! 


* Made of food grade plastic

* Comes apart for easy cleaning

* Great gift for baking enthusiasts

* Easy to use: roll out - cut out- press and eject

* Perfect for cakes, cookies, cupcakes, fondant, icing or more 

* Create simple to produce leaves complete with detailed veining

* Easy and fast use to cut out pieces, create plain and textured decorations or for direct embossing


6 x Butterfly Plunger Cutter
3 x Veined Rose Leaf Plunger 
3 x Snowflake Plunger Cutter 
3 x Carnation Cutter
3 x Sunflower Cutter
3 x Dove Cutter 
4 x Blossom/rose Five Petal Cutter
1 x Cake Smoother 
4 x Flower Blossom Plunger 
3 x Heart Plunger Cutter
3 x Plum Flower Cutter 
6 x Stars/flower Cutter 
3 x Maple Leaf Cutter
4 x Daisy Flower Cutter
8 x Flower Modeling Tool 
3 x Cherry Plunger Cutter
3 x Grape Plunger Cutter
1 x Rolling Pin 
4 x Ribbon Cutter