Fastenings - 65mm 12g 316 SS T25 Star Torx Drive Flat Head Wideboard Decking Screw - 100 Pack

$105.00 FJD $121.00 FJD

  • Premium Stainless Steel 316 Grade
  • Aesthetically appealing Star/Torx Rive T25 Head
  • The ‘WIDEBOARD’ Decking Screw is specifically designed for use in hardwood and pine wider profile decking
  • The 'Double Thread' on the screw holds decking securely in place

Stainless Steel has a strong reputation for it's visual appeal and structural integrity in a wide range of applications and environments. Stainless Steel screws are recommended to be used in coastal or sea spray zone areas, giving greater longevity over mechanical galvanized screws.

The Star Drive head/recess offers users superior torque and a unique aesthetically pleasing look to their deck.

The ‘WIDEBOARD’ Decking Screw is intended for use in hardwood and pine wider profile decking. 12g x 65mm suits: Hardwood 150 x 32mm (Finished Size: 140 x 25mm) & 150 x 25mm (Finished Size: 140 x 19mm) 12g x 75mm suits: Pine & Hardwood 150 x 40mm (Finished Size: 140 x 32mm).

The TITAN 'Double Thread' offers superior fixing strength for your deck, the Fine Thread locks into the decking, while the Coarse Thread locks into the timber joist. Having a Fine Thread close to the head of the screw retains the screw strength, while also keeping the screw head flush with the top of the deck not allowing the decking timber to move down the screw shank during shrinkage.

The smooth section on the screw ensures easy pull down and also allows for timber shrinkage between the underside of deck and top of joist holding the head in a constant position with the top of the deck. The Type 17 Point helps the screw penetrate quickly into the decking.