Hand Tools 45 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Tools Set

$32.00 FJD $37.00 FJD

Hand Tools 45 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Tools Set is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Own this 45 in 1 Screwdriver Kit help you repair almost any small device without damaging it!

This set of tools is designed to repair mobile phones, hard drives and other electronic products. Essential for work, home and family use. Come with a tool box, easy to carry!

* White Nickel Plated
* 45-in-1 interchangeable precise manual tool set.
* Professional portable hardware tools.
* Light weight, compact design.
* Made of highly durable material
* PP&TPR material, non-slip handle.

* Condition: Brand new
* Material: PP & TPR & CR-V
* Hardness: H.R.C. 52-56
* Size: 15.5 x 11 x 3cm
* Weight: Approx. 330g

Torx bits: T3,T4,T5,T6,T7,T8,T9,T10,T15,T20
Slotted bits: 1.0,1.5,2.0,2.5,3.0,3.5,4.0
Phillips bits: 1.0,1.5,2.0,2.5,3.5
Hexagonal: H0.9,H1.3,H1.5,H2.0,H2.5,H3.0,H4.0
Tri-wing bit: Y2.0,Y2.5
Triangle bit: 2.0
Five-point star bit: 0.8
U shape: 2.6
Nozzle Cleaner: 1.5
Other bit: M2.5, M3.0, M3.5, M4.0, M4.5, M5.0, M5.5

1 x Handle
2 x Extension bars
42 x Screwdriver Bits