Camping 4.5L Stainless Steel Pump Vacuum Jug - Insulated Thermos Flask

$162.00 FJD $198.00 FJD

4.5L Stainless Steel Pump Vacuum Jug - Hot or Cold - Insulated Thermos Flask

This 4.5 Litre Stainless Steel Pump Action Vacuum Jug is ideal for keeping drinks hot or cold and features a revolving base and pump action dispenser for easy pouring. Ideal for caterers and social events serving refreshments.

>>> Keeps Liquid Hot or Cold For Hours

4.5 Litre Capacity Vacuum Jug Thermos Flask
Double Wall Construction
Tough Stainless Steel Inside & Out
Revolving Base for Easy Serving
Air Pressure Pump to Dispense
Keeps Drinks Hot or Cold For Up To 12 Hours
Sliding Open or Close Spout Button
Push Button Release Tilting Lid
Tilting Carry Handle

Overall (approx): 170mm wide x 250mm deep x 410mm high