Automotive 3pc Exhaust Pipe Repair Kit

$116.00 FJD $139.00 FJD

Product Summary:

This Heshi Tools Exhaust Pipe Repair Kit is an excellent tool to have on hand in any mechanical endeavour, capable of quickly helping to repair a wide variety of exhaust pipes. Made of heat-treated steel, the elements of this kit have been drop forged to produce a result of structural reliability unexcelled by any other metalworking process. It is suitable for use with all 28.5mm to 89mm inside diameter thin wall pipes, and comes with a small, medium, and large expander to facilitate this. It is important to note that this kit cannot be used as an exhaust expander
NOTE: Cannot be used as an exhaust expander.


Weight 4Kg
Material Drop Forged Steel
Finish Heat Treated
Suits Pipes Thin-walled, I.D. 28.5 - 89mm
Sizes Small - 28 - 44mm / Medium - 38 - 63mm / Large - 55 - 89mm