Safety 3M Reusable Gas Vapour Respirator

$132.00 FJD $152.00 FJD

  • Use For: Contaminated areas with high organic vapour concentration, such as indoor spray painting, paint projects, certain paint spraying, sanding and paint prep jobs, solvents and pesticides.
  • A2 Cartridge pair 6055 provides medium-high absorpancy of organic vapour.
  • P2 Particulate Filter 5925 helps prevent breathing in mechanical and thermal particles
  • Ideal for a broad range of spray paint projects and Paint prep jobs when needing protection from odour and particles.
Use for organic vapours and mists commonly associated with spray painting, lawn and garden pesticides, staining or refinishing decks and hardwood floors, and many other applications.

Swept back cartridges to enhance visibility making it easier to see the project you are working on.