Fuel Pumps 2.5hp 25mm 4 stroke Transfer Petrol Water Pump

$418.00 FJD $499.00 FJD

Product Summary

This Ingco Transfer Water Pump is an effective tool to do exactly what its name suggests - to transfer large volumes of water from one area to another. This makes it the perfect tool for outdoor use at home or on your lifestyle, or even in select industrial environments where a smaller but powerful such as this is required.

Product Features

4-stroke 2.5hp petrol engine.
Suction and discharge port dia: 25mm (1in).
Max. flow: 100L/min.
Max. head lift:16m.
Max. suction head: 7m.
Displacement: 105cc.
Starting system:
Recoil. Fuel tank cap. 1.2L.