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15pc Cup type Oil Filter Wrench Set – Supply Solutions Pte Ltd - Fiji Division

15pc Cup type Oil Filter Wrench Set

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Product Summary:

An oil filter wrench is a must-have tool which is used to remove spin-on type oil filters.
This Heshi Tools set contains a huge variety of cup type wrenches, allowing for easy removal of a vast array of different oil filters. Packed away neatly in a sturdy plastic carry case, this set is an invaluable.

Product Features:

  • Sizes: 65mm-14F, 65/67mm14F, 68mm-14F, 74mm-15F,
  • 76mm-30F, 76mm-14F, 74/76mm-15F, 75/77mm-15F,

    80mm-15F, 80/82mm-15F, 90mm-15F, 93mm-15F,

    93mm-36F, 100mm-15F.

    • 3/8 square. drive (M) x 1/2 (F) adaptor.

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