Vehicles Mini Excavator with Bucket and Canopy

$24,699.00 FJD $26,185.00 FJD

Warranty 12 months
Motor Power 306cc Petrol powered
Weight 562Kg
Bucket Capacity 0.011m3
Wheel Tread Rubber track
Length Of Track 1080mm
Ground Clearance (To cab) 355mm
Turning Radius 635mm
Width 698mm
Length 2210mm
Height 2000mm
Width Of Tracks 150mm
Height Of Tracks 300mm
Max Vertical Digging Depth 1200mm
Min Swing Radius 70deg left/right
Height Of Bulldozing Plate 150mm (lift)
Depth Of Bulldozing Plate 130mm (drop)
Speed 0.47M/sec
Hydraulic Fluid Capacity 2 x 9L/min
Bucket Width 290mm