Starlink #5 Standard Setup & Delivery Service

$398.00 FJD

Tech Solutions Starlink Standard Setup & Delivery Service

  • Starlink Standard Setup & Delivery Service:
  • We'll deliver your new Starlink standard kit to your home.
  • We'll unpack your product and take away the packaging.
  • We'll install Starlink outside at a desirable elevated location i.e. on deck, timber or grass.
  • Note: the cable will go through a door or window; if running through the wall is preferred, a suitable routing kit is required to purchase.
  • We'll set up your Starlink router via Starlink App.
  • We'll connect your existing Wi-Fi devices to the new Starlink router or connect to the existing WIFI system.
  • Note: Ethernet Adapter is required to purchase to fulfill a Mesh connection.
  • We'll optimise your network.
  • We'll show you how to use Starlink App
  • Starlink kit is not included. This is the service only, excluding accessories i.e. Ethernet cable, Routing kit or Mansory kit, and additional Starlink router that are not included in the original Starlink Kit.