Starlink #2 Standard High Speed Low Latency Internet Kit

$1,285.00 FJD $1,425.00 FJD

Starlink Standard High Speed Low Latency Internet Kit

  • Service Plan Required
  • Use In One Location Or On The Go
  • Get Online In Minutes
  • Stream Movies, Make Video Calls, Game & More
  • Weather Resistant
Activate Starlink by selecting a service plan that is customized to meet your personal needs. Select from plans suited for households or travel.

Starlink service plans support one location or on the go use. Starlink installation can be customized for permanent, fixed install using Starlink official mounts and accessories available for purchase in the Starlink app.

Set up Starlink with just two steps. Plug it in and point at the sky. Starlink comes with everything needed to get online including a kickstand, Gen 3 Router with 2 ethernet ports, cables and power supply.

With Starlink, users can engage in activities that historically have not been possible with satellite internet, you can pause and un-pause service at any time.

The Starlink Standard comes with a Gen 3 Router which boasts 2 ethernet ports, Wi-Fi 6, a range of up to 297 m2, and the ability to connect up to 235 devices. Designed to endure the elements - it can melt snow and withstand sleet, heavy rain, and harsh winds.