Franke A400 Coffee Machine MS includes the SU05 EC fridge

$30,970.00 FJD

Now any business can serve its customers the finest cup of coffee. A product of Franke's extensive know-how and experience, the A400 coffee machine is designed to adapt to your changing needs.

This compact and premium commercial coffee machine features an automatic cleaning system and interactive touchscreen, making it easy to use no matter who's operating.

Effortless to use

With an 8-inch color touchscreen and customizable beverage menu, both your staff and your customers can create a memorable coffee moment with ease.

State-of-the-art design

The A400 not only elevates your space but its clever design features a modular brewing unit. Choose between the 43E for espresso specialties, increase the volume with the larger 50E or pick the filter-based 50N for brewed coffee and espresso beverages.

Hassle-free cleaning

The optional CleanMaster system makes cleaning quick and efficient to help minimize your staff's workload – creating more time for your employees to focus on your customers.

Barista foam quality

Include our revolutionary FoamMaster™ technology to offer customers an unlimited choice of foam consistencies for perfect milk foam every time.

With the ability to produce up to 100 cups of consistently premium coffee per day as well as chocolate or chai variations, the A400 allows you to go beyond expectations.

Supported add-ons and options

Tailor your Franke A400 coffee machine to your specific needs with our built-in options or expand your coffee machine configurations with our add-on solutions.

  • Milk Cooling Units

    Compatible with all our Franke coffee machines, our milk cooling units ensure your milk stays chilled and delicious until you're ready to make the perfect cup. Our units are simple to refill and even easier to clean, so your team can focus on creating a moment of pure coffee enjoyment for your customers. Impress with Individual Milk Technology.

  • SU05 EC and CM

    • 5-liter capacity for one milk type of your choice.
    • Intelligent milk hose coupling allows for contactless filling.
    • Features CleanMaster for accurate and automatic dosing of cleaning detergent.
    • A message appears on the display screen when a refill is required.
    • An integrated milk temperature monitoring system ensures safe and hygienic milk.
    • Suitable for A400.
  • Safe Serving Solutions

  • Satisfy a broad range of customer tastes with our Individual Milk Technology. Developed for our Speciality Beverage Station, SB1200, this innovative solution allows your customers to safely enjoy their choice of dairy or vegan milk all within the same coffee machine. Guaranteed pure and free of cross-contamination and residues, from storage to cup.
  • Cashless Payment Options

  • Upgrade your machine's accounting system for better self-service.
  • Cup Warmer

  • Improve your customer experience with our convenient 4-tray cup warmer unit.

Powder Dosing System

Include an additional powder hopper for more chai and chocolate flavors.

Cleaning Information

Learn more about our Franke cleaning products and discover our video tutorials on how to clean your coffee machine.


  • Pricing based on 2x unit Buy
  • Difference between the A400 MS and A400 FM is:
  • Barista quality milk from Foam Master (FM) milk system (available on request from Supply Solutions Pte Ltd)
  • MS has standard milk system
  • FM has the automated cleaning function – Clean Master (CM)