Kitchen Vintage Manual Coffee Grinder Mini Wood Metal

$37.00 FJD $43.00 FJD

This vintage hand coffee grinder with a lovely retro style is a pretty good kitchen gadgets-coffee mill bean machine, will bring much more funny for you or your family. It is also a perfect gift for the holidays weddings house warming.


* Antique style design
* High quality wood with a ceramic grinder
* Grind coffee beans to make your own personal blend.
* The drawer in the front catches the grinded coffee ready for use.
* It also can be used to grind nuts, spices and herbs as a general grinder.
* Fully working crank handle you can feel the beans crushing and blending


* Condition: Brand new
* Material: Wood, Metal and Ceramic
* Color: As the pictures
* Bottom Width: 9.5cm
* Bottom Height: 8cm
* Plate Diameter: 8.5cm
* Plate Height: 4cm

How to adjust:

1. Loosen the NUT on top;
2. Take off the HANDLE;
3. Take off the L-shaped BUCKLE;
4. Adjust the PROGLOTTIDS to control the texture of the powder: turning upward (counter clockwise) for coarser and turning downward (clockwise) for finer. Please do make more than 0.3mm gap allowance while turning downward. The grinder will be stuck or broken if turning the most down without the gap.