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String Curtain Tassel Door Curtain - White 2.8M x 3M – i Supply Solutions Ltd - Fiji Division

String Curtain Tassel Door Curtain - White 2.8M x 3M

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String Curtains is a stylish way to liven up any room. It can be used on windows, in doorways, as room dividers or even as wall decorations. It allows more light and air than traditional curtains, but still maintain an aspect of privacy.

Depending on the style and color, String Curtains can provide everything from elegance to playfulness in terms of room decoration.

It performs the same use as traditional curtains, although they're made from hanging strings or cords, providing a more open, airy feel.


* Condition: Brand new
* Material: Polyester
* Colour: Cream White, Not Pure White
* The distance between tassel is about 0.3cm (Dense Style)
* Size: 3M(W) x 3M(H) (Including the top edge)
* Weight: approx.1.25KG

1 x White String Curtain Tassel 2.8Mx3M

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