Farming POULTRY BIRD Chicken Drinker 6L & a 3kg Feeder - LARGE SIZES

$75.00 FJD $79.40 FJD

3KG Feeder and a 6L Drinker. They are both design in a red base and a white tub, which is an attractive colour for chickens.

Product name: Chicken Feeder - Chicken Feed - Chicken Feeder - Chicken Drinker 6L


* Easy-fill screw-on design
* Red plastic base
* Come with handler on top to make it easy to carry
* Drinker making water refilling and cleaning a breeze


* Protective top cover
* Deluxe line feeders
* Durable plastic hanger
* Adjustable feed flow
* Anti waste ring fused with tub


* Condition: Brand new
* Material: Plastic (Both)
* Colour: White & Red (Both)
* Feeder capacity: Approx. 3kg
* Drinker capacity: Approx. 6L
* Feeder high: Approx. 26cm
* Drinker high: Approx. 30.5cm


1 x 6L Chicken Drinker
1 x 3kg Chicken Feeder