Kitchen - Mini Sealer Sealing Machine with Magnetic Base for Plastic Bags

$15.00 FJD $17.30 FJD


* Handheld mini airtight sealer machine
* Easy way to perfectly seal any bag airtight to keep your food fresh for longer
* Adopts micro-thermal technology, seals virtually any plastic bag quickly and easily, such as PVC, PE, PP & PET bags
* 3 seconds to heat up & seal plastic bags for everything
* Creates an airtight and watertight seal that locks stuff inside fresh
* Ideal for traveling, boating, workshop, picnics, winter storage, cosmetics hobbies, and gardening
* Simply slid the item along the edge of a bag
* With magnetic base so you can store it conveniently on your fridge or freezer
* Powered by 2 x AA battery (no included)

* Bag thickness: up to 0.45mm
* Size: 99 x 39 x 39mm
* NOTE: Color of the item might be sent at random

1 x Plastic Bag Sealer Machine