Hand Tools - HART Bolster Brick Chisel 135mm

$24.00 FJD $61.00 FJD

135mm Brick Chisel:

  • Integrated hand protector to reduce the risk of hand injury from miss-strikes and glancing blows
  • Forged tempered steel for enhanced strength and durability 135mm blade width is half the length of a common brick, allowing you to quickly find the centre of a brick (no tape measure needed)
  • Non-slip grip increases hand comfort during prolonged use
  • Chamfered striking edge to prevent cracking and spalling
The HART 135mm Brick Bolster helps you efficiently break bricks in half. It’s made from forged tempered steel for increased durability and strength.

An integrated hand protector helps keep miss-strikes and glancing blows away from your hand. The 135mm width (half the width of a common brick) helps you find the centre of each brick quickly without needing a tape measure.

The striking end is chamfered to reduce the risk of cracking or spalling. The non-slip grip is based on the same ergonomics as modern steering wheels to increase hand comfort during prolonged use.