Outdoor Fido & Fletch XXL Plastic Pet Home - 970Hx1170Dx1130W mm

$275.00 FJD $320.00 FJD

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  • Protects pet from rain and sun
  • Well ventilated walls and floor
  • Vent on a roof that can be opened/closed for extra ventilation
  • Removable base for easy cleaning
  • Attachable ramp for easier entry and exit
The XXL pet home is a new addition to the Fido & Fletch pet range. It is by far the largest home in the plastic pet home category and will accommodate the largest of dogs.
With ventilation in the side and rear of the home as well as its open and close vent flap feature built into the roof, it will ensure there is always the right amount of fresh air flowing throughout the kennel.
It has an elevated base to help keep your dog off the cold, wet ground and also has a handy ramp design to make access as easy as possible.
Floor dimensions are W:750 L:950mm.





970mm 1170mm 1130mm