Cleaning Bissell Steam Mop Select

$399.00 FJD $467.00 FJD

Thoroughly clean sealed-hard floors with the Bissell Steam Mop Select! There is no need to haul out a bucket and mop - this handy cleaning tool effortlessly tackles tough, sticky messes and keeps the house spotless and hygienic. It also packs a lightweight and manoeuvrable form factor for efficiently cleaning hard-to-reach areas. Now pristine, sanitised* floors are just one steam away.

Key Features

  • Spotless Floors: Say goodbye to harsh chemicals! This steam mop sanitises* your sealed hard floors by just using water.
  • Breezy Operations: With Mop Select’s one steam level, you can get powerful steams on demand. Once plugged in, the mop is ready to go in just about 30 seconds. Simply pull the trigger button to release steam and mop the dirt away.
  • Agile and Portable: The portable Mop Select incorporates a triangle head to clean corners and hard-to-reach areas around the house quickly. Its lightweight frame makes the mop comfortable to glide over the floor without too much effort. Additionally, it moves under and around furniture with ease.
  • Removable Tank: It has a detachable 0.51L tank, so you can fill it with water and attach it back in. We recommend using distilled water to extend the lifecycle of your hard floor cleaner.
  • Included Pads: Removing grease and grime is a breeze. The Bissell Steam Mop Select includes 1x everyday mop pad and 1x pad with built-in scrubbing strips, great for getting rid of harsh, sticky residues. The unit is also compatible with 3961 Steam Mop Pads (sold separately).
  • Lengthy Cord: Its 5.5-metre cord length allows you to move freely across the room. Bissell Steam Mop Select also features a 1350-1600 wattage and 1600W maximum power.
  • What’s in the Box: The package includes 1x Bissell Steam Mop Select, 2x Mop Pads, and 1x User Guide.

*Kills many invisible germs and bacteria when used as directed.

**Never put descaling, alcoholic, or detergent products into the steam cleaner, as this may damage it or make it unsafe for use.