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Bronze Water Smoking Pipe Shisha Hookah – i Supply Solutions Ltd - Fiji Division

Bronze Water Smoking Pipe Shisha Hookah

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This hookah is simply a charm! The hookah provides for an enjoyable smoking experience.

When smoking, the cigarettes or tobacoo will be put in the pot, then lit it, the mouthpiece be placed in the mouth can be sucked directly. With filter tobacco tar, this hookah can reduce the harm of tar and nicotine on human body. This product is suitable for all kinds of cigarettes and tobacco.


* Unique design-A collectable to treasure for every pipe enthusiant
* The products can effectively reduce the oil content of cigarettes, purification of harmful substances, the nicotine in cigarettes, etc
* Easy to carry and use

* Condition: Brand New
* Color: Bronze (As shown in the picture)
* Material: Resin + Metal
* Product Dimensions: Approx. 13 x 8 x 6cm
* Hookah High: Approx. 8cm
* Hookah Diameter: Approx. 6cm
* Filter Length: Approx. 8cm
* Net Weight: Approx. 92g

1 x Water Smoking Pipe Shisha Hookah
1 x Accessories Bag

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