Fastening Assorted Stitching And Cabinet Screws - 300 Pack

$45.00 FJD $65.00 FJD

  • Button & Pancake Head / Stitching Screws with White Painted Heads
  • Suitable for fixing into timber & thin metal where a flat wide head is required
  • Handy Plastic compartmentalized / reusable storage pack
  • Assorted Stitching & Cabinet Screws - 300pcs
Consisting of Stitching Screws - Pancake head 8G x 18mm - 50pcs,
Button Head 8G x 16mm - 40pcs, 20mm x 40pcs, 25mm x 50pcs, 32mm x 20pcs. Cabinet Screws - White Painted Button head - 25mm x 30pcs, 29mm x 30pcs - 10G Painted 60mm x 20pcs Unpainted - 60mm x 20pcs.