Automotive 9pcs Fuel Injection Gauge Tester Set with Case

$85.00 FJD $115.00 FJD

Complete set including assorted hoses, fittings and clamps to work on most vehicles. Useful to test if the fuel pressure regulator needs adjusting or replacing and more, such as test fuel pumps, injector leak down, pressure regulators and test for bad filter as well.

* Gauge calibrated from 0-100 PSI (0-7 bar) 
* Easy-to-read gauges for proper testing and accurate results 
* Indicates if fuel pump is defective or inconsistent in pressure flow
* Test gasoline fuel pump pressure on most fuel injection equipped vehicles
* Comes in a specially designed molded case for easy and safe storage

* Condition: Brand New
* Material: Brass & Steel & Rubber & Plastic
* Size of Case: Approx. 33 x 26 x 6cm
* Capacity: 0-100psi/0-7bar

Pressure gauge: 100 PSI, 0-7 bar 
Brass fitting: 1/4" barbed x 1/4"-18 
Brass fitting: 1/8" - 27 NPT x 1/4" - 18 NPT 
Rubber hose: 1/4" x 4" long 
Rubber hose: 3/8" x 3" long 
Short flex hose 
Medium flex hose 
Long flex hose 
2pcs hose clamps