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Perfect for intricate engraving, sanding, and shaping timber projects, as well as polish metal and removing rust and paint, the RYOBI ONE+ Precision Rotary Tool has great versatility. For intricate craft jobs, such as wood carving and DIY projects like polishing metal, the comfortable handpiece can extend up to 120cm from the base unit and manoeuvre around tight spaces.

This multi-purpose rotary tool allows you to easily swap accessories to change between sanding and polishing to engraving and grinding (accessories not included). The 18V motor delivers a maximum speed up to 23,000rpm that can be adjusted using the variable speed control to suit your application.

The lightweight, compact base unit is cordless and allows you to work on applications without being plugged into a power source. To keep your accessories together, the base unit features an on-board storage compartment.

The RYOBI ONE+ Precision Rotary Tool Kit includes a 2.0Ah Lithium-Ion Battery and a Compact Lithium Charger.

  • No-load speed (4,400-23,000rpm)
  • Handpiece extends up to 120cm
  • Compact, lightweight and cordless
  • On-board storage to keep accessories together (accessories not included)
  • Included 2.0Ah lithium-ion battery and compact lithium charger.
  • Flex shaft length (cm) - 120

Available at Supply Solutions PTE Ltd (Fiji)