Pumps 1100W Deep Well Bore Hole Submersible 2HP Taifu Pump 82m Head, 50L/Min

$1,550.00 FJD

Product Summary


The Taifu 1100W Deep Well Submersible Pump is a highly effective tool with an impressive life-span, designed to maximise water supply from underground wells or reservoirs. It is a sturdy and versatile tool that can be used in a variety of domestic, garden, industrial, and irrigation applications.

Product Features:

  • Submersible pump diameter: 96mm.
  • For water supply from wells or reservoirs.
  • For domestic, garden, industrial, irrigation applications.
  • Specifications:

      • Well diameter: 102mm.
      • Motor power: 1100w.
      • Voltage: 230V
      • Speed: 2900rpm.
      • Fluid temperature range: 0 - 40 degrees C.
      • Maximum working pressure: 3.5 bar.
      • Maximum Flow Rate: 50L/min.
      • Maximum Head: 82M.
      • Working Flow Rate: 30L/min at 50M Head.
      • Protection: IP68.
      • Insulation Class: B.
      • Pump and motor casing material: stainless steel.
      • Outlet material: brass.
      • Impeller, diffuser and non return valve material: thermoplastic resin PPO
      • Top aperture: 31.5mm.
      • Overall length: 739mm.


    • Control switch, waterproof tape.